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Presented by Community Funded

Story Generation
Creating Successful Micro-Funding Strategies
Donate now page on phone for nonprofit fundraising

Presented by Shannon Pestka

Social Champions: Your Secret Weapon
Beyond Crowdfunding & Giving Days: Launch Creative Fundraising Campaigns

Presented by Shannon Pestka

How to Tell a Compelling Story
Using a Single Character to Tell a Larger Story
Harnessing the Power of a Student Content Team
5 Ways to Build a Better Giving Page For the Final Steps in the Donor Journey
Discover Donor Desires: Using Data to Maximize Retention
Unlock the Future of Your Fundraising Relationships with Donor Experience (DX)

Presented by The Community Funded Success Team

Landing Page Layouts for Inspiring Initiatives
The Power of Story in Your Fundraising Pitch

Presented by Martin Leifeld

The Fundraiser’s Story
Using Reverse Storytelling When Dealing with Mega Donors
Why Should We Give to Them Again – Or At All?