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Fall is one of the busiest times of year for philanthropy, so it’s a great time to try out new fundraising ideas to keep your community engaged. Check out the six fall fundraising ideas below to see if you can incorporate them into your efforts.


Something as simple as raking leaves to generate donations can raise the money your organization needs. Get volunteers together and have them collect donations in return for a yard raking. Leaves can get annoying in the fall and people love to get involved to support a cause, which makes this the perfect opportunity.

You can have your volunteers go door-to-door or you can set up an online platform to gain exposure and make the process smoother. If you can’t find volunteers reach out to local clubs, greek life or anyone who needs community service hours. Here is a great example of an online rake-a-thon platform. Get raking!

2. Corn Maze

A corn maze is a great way to bring together the community on a nice fall day. It gives the community the opportunity for a family day. Reach out to the owner of a local corn field that’s already been harvested and ask them to partner up with your organization.

At the end of the maze have booths and vendors set up with food, shopping, etc. Ask each vendor to give your organization a percentage of their proceeds for allowing them to set up. The vendors get to market to the community and gain publicity for helping a good cause and you get a successful fundraiser. It’s a win-win situations for both parties involved.

3. Apple Cider Sale

Find any fall event or festival occurring near your town and set up an apple cider booth. Buy cider from the store or make your own! Sell cups with your organization’s logo and cider in different fall flavors like pumpkin or caramel. People love a warm cup of cider on a chilly fall day. 

Make sure to emphasize where the money goes, people feel more inclined to purchase goods when they know it’s going back to a good cause. This booth also gives you a chance to reach out and connect with the community to let them know what your organization is all about and how they can help in the future. Gain the support of the community by showing them you care and you are involved, even through something as simple as setting up an apple cider booth at an event.

4. Thanksgiving Dinner

What’s the number one thing that draws in a crowd? Food! Around the holidays is by far the perfect time to plan a dinner for the community. Get food donated from local restaurants, breweries, etc. in return for free marketing at the event or ask volunteers to bring certain dishes. Sell each seat at the event online or at the door.

You can even pair up with a local band to play at the event to allow dancing and to liven up the dinner, giving the band exposure and you a fun party!

5. A Fall 5K

Charity runs happen all year round but tend to gain popularity during the end of the year. The weather is perfect and participants can get together with family and friends for the holidays and give back to the community. Rent out a space at a local park or open community space and have each participant pay a fee to be registered for the walk/run.

Give your run a fun theme like a turkey trot, costume run or any other fall theme you can think of. You can even ask food vendors set up booths at the end of the 5K and ask them to give a percentage of purchases back to your cause!

6. Community Bonfire

When the temperature starts to drop a warm fire will draw in crowds. Get wood or wood pallets donated from the community to lessen the set up cost. Make an outdoor bonfire with the donated wood and sell tickets ahead of time or at the door for entry. It’s a great way for families and friends to get together for a fun, warm night.

Have s’more kits for sale or even hot dogs to roast over the fire to make an extra profit. Make sure to coordinate with your local fire department to make sure the evening stays safe for everyone!

Need more than just fall fundraising ideas? Check out these suggestions for year-round fundraising events.