After your video, your campaign description is the most important place on your campaign page to tell your story and get funded.  Every campaign description should include the following information:

    • Who We Are: This is your opportunity to briefly describe who you are.


  • What We Believe: Here is where you talk about your passion that drove you to seek donations through crowdfunding.

Example: It is our belief at Copia Community Farms that sustainably raised produce coupled with a sustainable lifestyle is our formula for quality life and quality produce. We are passionate about being able to enjoy fresh, locally-sourced, delicious produce being something everyone in our community can enjoy, whether they can afford to pay for it or not.  

  • What We Are Doing: This is where you dig into some more detail about your campaign, the specifics of what you are trying to accomplish, and the impact you hope it will have.

Example: We will be supplying a handful of forward-thinking restaurants with a consistent source of local produce but we will grow as much food as we possibly can! The food grown beyond the needs of the restaurants will be donated to the food bank or provided directly to friends, family, and others in need of wholesome food.

We have bartered in exchange for the land and water that we use to farm which has eliminated the majority of our upfront costs for getting Copia Farms up and running, ultimately allowing us to provide our produce at the most affordable price.  

So far this growing season we’ve been spending our time and energy on building a greenhouse.  We have built our entire beautiful greenhouse for free by up-cycling windows, doors, and lumber that was had been left unused in a field or was heading for the dump.  We have accrued a mass of tools and irrigation supplies with which we will work the land.

  • What We Need: Here is where you are very transparent about how much you are asking for and why you need that amount. Focus on what it will allow you to accomplish. Make clear what how you will use funds that come in if you EXCEED your campaign goal. This gives people the incentive to continue donating, even after you have reached your financial goal. Use a budget to outline your needs for easy reference.

Example: We are asking our community to help us raise $5,000 to make Copia Farms as sustainable and carbon-neutral as possible as we provide great food to our community.  See our budget for exactly how we will use this money.

  • How You Can Support Us: Always drive it home with the 3 specific ways your community can support your campaign.

Example: We would be thrilled to say that Copia Community Farms is community funded, and to do that we ask for your support in any of the following ways:

    • Donate to our campaign 


    • Sponsor a reward 


  • Promote our campaign to your community and social networks.

Thank you for everything, and feel free to stop by the farm!