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Great communication is the centerpiece of any successful crowdfunding campaign. However, many people struggle with how to schedule and maintain a good level of communication to keep the attention of donors and supporters. That’s why we created this crowdfunding campaign communications checklist to help you get started!

Organizations managing platforms should be aware of this hurdle and work to empower their project teams to understand the basic tenets of knowing their core audience, channels, and creating a schedule.

Pre-Launch (~30 days before)

Goals: #1 Build a community of advocates. #2 Reach 30% of goal in pre-commitments.

unchecked_checkbox Ask Your Campaign Champions

  • Be a Campaign Champion (advocate)
  • Please contribute early
  • Please reach out to your network to share this campaign once live
  • Provide them with boilerplate copy to share (emails, tweets, FB posts)

unchecked_checkbox Ask Early Supporters

  • Please donate in the first 3 days
  • Share Share Share!
  • Stay tuned for updates!
  • Provide them with boilerplate copy to share (emails, tweets, FB posts)

unchecked_checkbox Business & Organizations

    • Share the vision & impact of campaign
    • Explain value to them (co-branding, high visibility philanthropy, marketing & new customers)
    • Tell them what they can do: donate, sponsor rewards, matching donations, share with their networks
    • Provide them with boilerplate copy to share (emails, tweets, FB posts)


Launch Prep (Marketing Plan)

Goals: #1 Schedule your posts to make life easier. #2 Be prepared to communicate major milestones.

unchecked_checkbox Build email lists of potential supporters

unchecked_checkbox Create a Facebook event for your campaign’s launch day and invite contacts

unchecked_checkbox Plan additional events/tactics

unchecked_checkbox Draft/schedule your communications

      • Pre-launch updates/emails/social
      • Launch Day (morning, afternoon & evening) update/email/social
      • 30, 50, 75, 90% etc. Emails/Update/Social
      • Final Push Updates/Emails/Social
        • 3, 2, 1 day(s) left
        • Final day (all day long!)
        • Campaign End (We did it!) Update/Emails


Live Campaign

Goals: #1 Execute your plan. #2 Stay active and engage your donors. #3 Turn supporters into advocates.

unchecked_checkbox Stay active (~15 minutes every day)

unchecked_checkbox Send scheduled communications

unchecked_checkbox Thank supporters as donations are made

unchecked_checkbox Create new updates with “behind the scenes” photographs and stories from the campaign team

unchecked_checkbox Respond to all comments on your page

unchecked_checkbox Rally supporters at the end!

unchecked_checkbox Focus on stretch goals after initial goals are passed!


Post Campaign

Goals: #1 Thank Supporters. #2 Demonstrate Impact. #3 Tell supporters what to do next!

unchecked_checkbox Send victory/post campaign communication

unchecked_checkbox Rewards fulfilment

unchecked_checkbox 30 Day follow-up: Show impact

unchecked_checkbox Thank supporters and ask: “Please support other great campaigns on this platform!”

If you follow these steps, you’ll having killer crowdfunding campaign communications!