When advancement services pulls the wrong list.



When you accidentally include the board of trustees in your solicitation email.



When it’s 11:59 on June 29th



When it’s 12:01 on July 1st



When your goal is set by throwing darts, spinning a wheel, etc.



When the Chancellor recognizes you and knows your name!



When alumni relations complains about phone solicitations to alumni.



When marketing rewrites your solicitation letter.



When you can’t get the major gift fundraisers to respond to a donor list review request.



When the board asks your cost to raise a dollar.



When you get that new FTE line in next year’s budget….



And when you don’t get that line.



When you convince leadership for funding in the budget for a crowdfunding platform.



When your “favorite” major gift officer takes another job in another state.



When a faculty member wants to run a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign.



When a board member wants to run a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign.



When you come back into the office after the weekend reinvigorated…



…and then you check your email inbox.



 When there’s an hour left and your 95% of the way to your goal…



 …you hit your fundraising goal at the last minute…



…and then surpass it… by a lot.



 When you realize you sent an email without putting in a link to your campaign…



 …to the wrong email list.



 When your tweet is 141 characters long…



 ...but you fix it and someone clicks and makes a donation.



When a matching donor backs out of their gift at the last minute.



When someone says you can’t do an on-campus event for your giving day.



When you’re about to handwrite hundreds of thank you letters.



Your internal monologue when you get volunteered to speak at a fundraising event unprepared.



When you finally get lunch provided for a meeting…



…but they forget your order.



 Your reaction when a major gift officer gives you a list of donors not to solicit.



When you try to explain what you do at a party, and someone says “Oh, you just ask for money”