Crowdfunding Campaign Video Creation Guide

The basics of

Before you start getting crazy making your crowdfunding campaign video, write an outline! You don’t need to write a script, just organize what you want to say. Your video should be attention-grabbing, short (2-3 minutes) and to the point. It doesn’t need to be fancy or professional. Above all – SHOW YOUR PASSION!!!

Here are the most important things to include in your video:

IntroductionIntroduce yourself and your team. Introducing yourself might seem like a “duh,” but it gives viewers a chance to get a feel for who you are, and helps to establish your credibility.

Your Need: Describe why you’re fundraising. 

Tell Your Story

  • Social impact: When you talk about the impact your fundraising efforts make on the world, you’re directly connecting your potential donors to the impact they make by donating. 
  • How do you want viewers to feel? Here’s a hint: if you think about wanting your potential supporters to feel inspired, connected, and empowered, you’re on the right track.
  • Know your audience: Your message will be quite different if you are raising funds to produce a new board game than if you’re raising funds for a nonprofit that funds underserved children. 
  • Grab attention: Nobody wants to watch a boring video. That’s good, because your story isn’t boring! Use statistics, the strength of your story, personal experiences or relevant quotes to help hook your viewers.
  • Be genuine: Above all, be yourself. When you show your genuine passion for this campaign, it’s infectious.


Why now? Is there a new, pressing need for funds? Did you recently receive a promise of support that gives you a huge advantage? Connecting your potential supporters to the urgent nature of your campaign will increase their likelihood of donating the first time they visit.

3 Ways You Can Support Us: Give your potential supporters more than one option to feel like they have supported you (even if it’s not monetary.)

  • Donate 
  • Share our story with your networks!
  • Sponsor a reward

Drive it Home: End with a positive, strong statement. Tie it back to the attention grabber at the beginning, and don’t forget to say thank you!