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Building a Culture of Philanthropy: The 5 Pillars

Development professionals often talk about a “Culture of Philanthropy.” But what does that really mean? It seems to be the holy grail of all large philanthropic organizations. But how do you actually achieve it? While the precise definition may be slightly different for some organizations based on sector, size, and existing initiatives, at its core […]

The Evolution of Philanthropy & the Fall of the Fundraising Pyramid

For a long time, philanthropy has been defined as “the giving of money to nonprofit organizations.” However, this definition is quickly becoming obsolete. It’s evolving towards a meaning that is more appropriate to today’s giving paradigm and less industry-driven: that philanthropy is “the action of transforming the social wellbeing of others through generosity.” This implies that […]

Giving Tuesday 2016: Our Top 3 Takeaways

We saw some amazing results from the 7 clients who used our Giving Day Platform for Giving Tuesday. In particular, we had 3 clients who used unique strategies to drive their success. Take a look at their results and how to apply these tactics to your next Giving Day initiative: 1. Get Creative With Your Goal Colorado State […]