How to Be a Fundraising Campaign Champion


In this post, you will learn:

  • What a Campaign Champion embodies
  • A list of tasks the Fundraising Campaign Champion can manage
  • How to empower your fundraiser and get funded through preparation and good planning.

A Campaign Champion is a point person for the campaign, and is responsible for organizing and coordinating campaign-related efforts. This person is willing to commit several hours each week to engaging their community to support the campaign, raising money through sending personal emails, sharing social media posts, attending events, and other activities.


  • Creating campaign content (with team input)
  • Setting an example for how to best engage your community including:
    • Potential supporters
    • Reward Sponsors
    • Strategic partners
  • Following up with supporters within 24 hours of donation
  • Scheduling and posting social media
  • Regularly updating the team on campaign progress and provide direction where needed
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Posting to relevant blogs, writing newsletters and other communications.

Below are tasks broken out by pre-launch, live, and post-campaign. You may have more than one campaign champion, or other engaged support. Split these tasks up as best fits your situation!



  • Support campaign creator by helping to write and review campaign content. 
  • Communicate with campaign team as needed.
  • Reach out to strategic partners with relevant dates & requests for support.
  • Write pre-launch press release and schedule when and where to send it.
  • Seek out reward sponsors and secure rewards where possible.
  • Develop social media content, schedule and help to post it on the agreed schedule.


  • Send launch email to potential supporters.
  • Write and help to distribute launch, mid-campaign, and final press releases.
  • Write newsletters, articles and blogs throughout the campaign, where applicable.
  • Email potential supporters and reward sponsors when the campaign is nearly over.


  • Send thank you emails to supporters and reward sponsors within 24 hours of donation.
  • Send weekly update emails to supporters, potential supporters, and reward sponsors.
  • Draft and send updates to team members and strategic partners (every day or two).
  • Post to social media at least twice per day.


  • Send thank you email to supporters, team, strategic partners and reward sponsors
  • Write and distribute a press release detailing the final campaign results.
  • Post the final Campaign results and your next steps in newsletters and/or blog posts.